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Most Production Companies Charge $10-$100k for one video!
But we designed the Video Recruiter bundle to be effective & affordable

Why Does This Work?  
Social Proof!  Social proof is a powerful way to sell anything, even your job opening. Especially when your job perks, like pay and benefits, are on par with competitors. The Video Recruiter is an opportunity to attract the best, most loyal crew members using word-of-mouth recommendations paired with awesome videos! 

Still not convinced? 

Think about when you've bought something online.. chances are you looked at the product's reviews.  If people left bad comments you moved on. And when you found one with good reviews you paid more attention to it. That's what the Video Recruiter does for you!  It sells your job openings using positive employee reviews!

What's Included & How Much Is It?
Included in this pack is loads of recruiting materials; videos of your crew members, photo testimonials, how-to’s and the Recruiter Secrets Guidebook that gives you a detailed roadmap on how to use your new recruiting content. All for the price of what others charge for just one video! (No, not $100,000 lol.) 

Don’t get us wrong, our work isn’t cheap or low-quality. In fact, we're the highest rated production service for builders and contractors in the Midwest and one of the highest overall rated video companies in Nebraska!  

But we know it wouldn't make sense to pay $25,000+ just to hire employees..

So we put this awesome package together and created a well-oiled process with no lag, no hold up and no unnecessary expenses to keep costs low.  The price varies with the number of employees you want us to interview but even then, the bundle is less than $10,000.  And what's better, we can create all of this for you in just 10 days or less so you can start getting interest from skilled workers as fast as possible. 

Plus, once you have this package and all it's content, you can use it whenever you need it. Just follow the Recruiting Secrets Guide!

  • Powerful video testimonials
  • Commercial-grade photos of your crews
  • A step-by-step guide to ensure your recruiting success
Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Midlands Contracting

"I was so impressed with the work delivered. We will be loyal customers for years to come!"

Dobish Construction

"Top notch customer service and great communication. Maverick did a large video production for us and was always so easy to get ahold of and flexible when things like weather put us behind schedule. We look forward to working with them in the future."
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We proudly stamp a guarantee on every project! Our priority is providing the best experience and marketing materials for your company. If at any time you're unhappy with our service or the quality of work provided, Maverick will provide a refund back to you for the inconvenience. However, we have not had a customer leave a bad review or request a refund in over the past 175 projects!
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