The Video That Sells Your Service 
Even When You're Sleeping!
This Video That Sells Your Service
Even When You're Sleeping!
To get started, request a 
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To get started, request a Discovery Form
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Stories Sell, Not Facts or Features

Why Does This Work?  
Human beings are natural story-tellers. Before writing was invented, we transferred knowledge and insight through stories. And we still have a nearly identical brain as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.  So naturally, stories tend to stick in our memory and are recalled easier than facts or figures.  

I attempted to use this to my advantage...

Before launching Maverick, I tried starting two other real estate marketing services that were complete failures. But starting a successful business was all I ever wanted to do..

It'd make my family proud, I'd have respect from others, but I couldn't get anything off the ground.  Fortunately, when I'd lost what seemed like all my hope, I came across an article on video marketing.  It sounded like the perfect service to offer the real estate industry!  

Problem was, I had no experience or know-how in video production.  But I felt it was the answer..  

So I set out on a new venture with just my iPhone, determined to make something of myself.  My first video was a real estate tour of my parent's home. It was terrible... 

But I took it and my story to real estate offices and door-to-door to businesses offering free videos.  Just so I could gain some sort of experience and portfolio.  

SLOWLY, after several months of free videos, I started to get people paying me $100 bucks, $500 bucks then a $1,000!  And 12 months later, I won new business of the year.  I finally did it...
This is still one of the proudest moments of my life! 

Stories are powerful.  And when you add visuals to it, the effectiveness skyrockets!  That's what the Video Business Card can do for you.

What's The Process & Price?
I try to keep the process very simple...

The first step is completing a Discovery Form.  That tells us about your business and the services you offer.  After reviewing your form, we schedule a call for you and I to talk on the phone and hammer out some ideas.  On this call I'll propose a project budget based on the info we've covered.  

If you like the budget, then we'll get started on crafting a script for your video and schedule a date for filming.
Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Schumacher Bros. Fencing

"I cannot say enough good things about Maverick Marketing! Martin did a video for us and it was absolutely perfect. He is quick, professional, fun to work with and incredibly talented."

BD Construction

"Maverick understood our brand, our vision and our culture and created a video that tells the story of BD Construction with very little oversight. The finished product turned out fabulous"
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We proudly stamp a guarantee on every project! Our priority is providing the best experience and marketing materials for your company. If at any time you're unhappy with our service or the quality of work provided, Maverick will provide a refund back to you for the inconvenience. However, we have not had a customer leave a bad review or request a refund in over the past 175 projects!
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