POWER UP Your Service Portfolio 
and Leave Worn Out Content in the Past
POWER UP Your Service Portfolio and Leave Worn Out Content in the Past
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Stand Out in Your Market
With Commercial-Grade Photos and Videos. Check Out These Recent Results!

Why does this work?  
People aren't used to seeing photos and videos like this so they're easily noticed in newsfeeds!  Plus your friends and family want to support you so with great looking content, they're happy to share it on their own pages which means free advertisement!

What's included?  
This bundle is packed with before-and-after content of your project, customer testimonials, marketing guides and strategies on how to use your new content!

What if I don't want everything in the bundle?  
We'd be happy to customize a project for you 
What's the process & price?
The first step is completing a Discovery Form.  That tells us about the project you're working on and what you'd like from us.  After reviewing your form, we schedule a call for you and I to talk on the phone and hammer out some ideas.  On this call I'll propose a project budget based on the info we've covered.  

If you like the budget, then we'll get started by scheduling a date for filming.
Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Brandon Neuhjar 

"very professional and easy to work with. I was very impressed and would highly recommend Maverick!"

James Friesen

"Great talent and excellent customer service! We are very pleased with the projects Maverick has completed for us"
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We proudly stamp a guarantee on every project! Our priority is providing the best experience and marketing materials for your company. If at any time you're unhappy with our service or the quality of work provided, Maverick will provide a refund back to you for the inconvenience. However, we have not had a customer leave a bad review or request a refund in over the past 175 projects!
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